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What is Prop 65?

Proposition 65 is a California law enacted in 1986 that requires health risk warnings on products containing any of the 900+ substances listed by the State of California (see here). Many of the substances on the list are naturally occurring in the environment, and naturally occurring substances are exempt in natural levels from Proposition 65, however, it is very difficult to prove that the substances are naturally occurring. Some of these substances may accumulate in varying amounts, at different times, in different plants or animals in the supply chain. Because of this, it is possible that some of the substances on the list may from time to time be present in these natural products. Prop 65 is highly controversial since it requires companies to provide alarming health risk warnings for traces of substances in amounts that are 1,000 times less than what has been scientifically proven not to cause risk of harm to humans. Tranont, along with all companies selling in California, is required to provide this warning to comply with the controversial California law. No other State currently has such a law. These warning signs have become fairly common and can be seen in gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, hotels, amusement parks, and of course, on consumer products.

How are Tranont’s products affected by Prop 65?

The primary issue that Tranont and all other dietary supplement makers face with Prop 65 is lead. We do not add lead to our products. We use natural, plant-based ingredients in our dietary supplements, which sometimes contain extremely small traces of naturally occurring lead from the soil. Prop 65 requires a warning if the product dosage exposes the consumer to lead in an amount greater than 0.5 micrograms per day. Consider the amounts of lead found in many of the healthy foods that we consume safely every day. FDA studies have shown that the amount of naturally occurring lead in an adult-size serving of spinach (fresh/frozen/boiled) is 65 micrograms, and brussel sprouts is 70 micrograms. See here

To be fully compliant with Proposition 65, which again is only in the State of California, Tranont has voluntarily decided to attach a Proposition 65 warning label on the product packaging when sent to California residents. In addition to the label, Tranont will include the same Proposition 65 warning (example below) on the product page of the Tranont website as well as the checkout page when these products are being purchased by an Associate and/or customer with a California shipping address.

This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Are Tranont’s products safe?

Tranont is renowned for the purity and safety of its products. Tranont uses safe, natural ingredients and follows strict testing and quality assurance protocols, including stringent lead and other heavy metal testing. We also work closely with the Scientific Advisory Board to review the quality of ingredients used in Tranont products. It’s only natural to sometimes find some extremely minuscule and scientifically-proven safe traces of naturally occurring lead from the soil, which is why we are including this warning in order to fall within a safe harbor provided under Prop 65.

Tranont strives to provide products that are of the highest and safest quality and are compliant with applicable State and Federal laws in the USA. We hope this notice helps allay any concerns you may have about the recent appearance of this warning.

If you have specific questions, call 800.973.3715 and our Support team will be happy to help!